An Aging Population Drives the Wellness Revolution

Jeff Newkirk, VP of Alter+Care, describes the wellness center phenomenon.By 2010 – that’s next year – 37 percent of the American population will be older than 55.  More than three million of these individuals already belong to medically based wellness centers, which are a proactive response by healthcare providers to help an aging population stay healthy longer.

In a recent interview for the Alter+Care Podcasts on Healthcare, Jeff Newkirk, Alter+Care Vice President, says that while wellness centers have certain similarities to health clubs, the primary difference is that all programming is medically based.  What’s more, wellness centers are an enormous driver for a hospital’s revenue.

In a typical wellness center, between 15 and 25 percent of the members have had previous exposure to the affiliated hospital – that’s a relatively low number.  Considering that the wellness center may attract 1,000 daily visitors, members become better acquainted and more comfortable with the healthcare system.  The chances are excellent that these wellness center members will then visit the hospital they have come to know when they need medical attention.

The wellness experience assures an uninterrupted continuum of care after a patient has undergone surgery, suffered an injury or been hospitalized for a medical condition to assure full recovery.

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