Baby Steps to Healthcare Reform

Congressman suggests an incremental approach to passing healthcare reform legislation.Some Democrats think legislating in baby steps to achieve healthcare reform is their best option now that the party has lost its 60-vote super majority with Scott Brown’s upset victory in Massachusetts to fill Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat.

According to Representative Bill Pascrell, Jr., (D-NJ), some House Democrats are proposing an incremental approach to fix the healthcare system via multiple pieces of legislation instead of a single all-encompassing bill.  The goal would remain to reform insurance coverage, assure patients’ rights and improve the way that healthcare is delivered.  Pascrell envisions introducing three or four bills in quick succession.  The legislation would encompass the least controversial elements of the broader reform package now stalled in Congress.

Pascrell believes that his measures might garner some Republican support because they would eliminate the public option, individual insurance mandates and entitlement programs.  Pascrell notes that “You can blame the Senate all you want, but we are our own worst enemy.  We do everything in mega-fashion.  We need to do it in mini-fashion.”

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