Britain’s National Health Service Plans Patient Cover-Up

British-based designer Ben de Lisi has created a hospital gown that assures patient modesty.  American-born and London-based fashion designer Ben de Lisi was commissioned by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) to design a hospital gown that solves the age-old problem of patient modesty.   The Design Council plans to introduce the redesigned hospital gowns in March as an effort to enhance patient dignity. The gowns will start being used early in 2011.

“The old hospital gown was hideous, embarrassing, ill-fitting and probably ill-making too,” de Lisi said.  “You are away from home, ill and in hospital and you have to wear this horrific garment with your arse hanging out.  I wanted the new gowns to feel fabulous and aspirational.  They are made from beautiful cotton shirting which is very smooth, cool and lux.”

De Lisi says his gowns give patients modesty, while doctors and nurses can have immediate access through cleverly located “entrance points”.  “It’s infinitely dignified, yet practical.  And Velcro doesn’t enter into the equation,” de Lisi said.  The gowns, which are in de Lisi’s signature printed fabric, are complemented by pajama bottoms, nightwear and slippers.

David Kester, chief executive of the Design Council, said “The new designs are going to be very competitively priced and within the current price range for the NHS, even with the designer connection.”  Britain’s Department of Health provided £25,000 pounds to design the new hospital wear.

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