Got Healthcare Reform Questions? Click These Links for Answers

Click these links to learn more about healthcare reform.  Confused about what healthcare reform means to you?  Following is a handy guide to links that clarify the new rules and have timelines detailing when the various elements will kick in.

The Kaiser Family Foundation summarizes what healthcare reform means under Its “New & Noteworthy” section.  Click on the “summary of the law” for an outline and on the “timeline”.

Families USA, a non-profit advocate for healthcare consumers has a “Health Reform Central” that provides a full rundown of the changes.

This website has a “Health Care Reform” button that links to an easy-to-read timeline.  Be aware that the site belongs to an insurance broker.

This is the Obama administration’s explanation of how healthcare reform will work.

Consumer Reports presents useful information at the “Health-care reform” button towards the bottom of the home page.

Although this website is used primarily by house buyers looking for low mortgage rates, it presents a good summary of healthcare costs.  Type “reform” into the search box, then click on the “What’s in it for you” button.

The March’s website summarizes important new provisions impacting women and children.  Access it by clicking on “In the news.”

The Medicare Rights Center reviews important new provisions impacting senior citizens.  Click on the box that says “learn more about health reform and Medicare.”

The Department of Health and Human services is planning to launch a website on healthcare reform that will include links to insurance options that it considers to be affordable on a state-by-state basis.

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