The Healthcare Village Goes Global

Alter+Care’s revolutionary Healthcare Village concept was the focus of a recent online article in HealthLeaders Media.

thv-pe01-f61“Think of it in terms of an upscale shopping mall, but only with healthcare services, and the wellness center as the anchor tenant – the major department store,” says Donna Jarmusz, senior vice president of Alter+Care.  “That generates a lot of visibility, a lot of high traffic, because people join the wellness center as members and they are frequenting it two or three times a week.  That creates a lot of pedestrian traffic for the other services that may be at the same location.”

The article notes that Healthcare Villages are a worldwide phenomenon, with locations opening in such diverse locations as Wisconsin and Dubai.  “It’s really taken off from a global perspective, it’s not just a U.S. concept,” Jarmusz says, adding that having a stake in a healthcare village abroad helps some U.S. organizations expand their brand.

To read the entire article, click here.

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