Top-Rated Cleveland Clinic Holds the Line on Healthcare Costs

In an era when healthcare costs are projected to rise to $4 trillion by 2016, it’s heartening to know that one of the nation’s highest-rated hospitals has some of the lowest costs.  The Cleveland Clinic is regularly consulted by lawmakers and officials from the Obama Administration in their efforts at achieving healthcare reform – yet it operates more efficiently than most of its competitors.cleveland-clinic

“Everything we do is done with the patient at the center, not the doctor at the center,” said Dr. Steven Nissen.  One way the Clinic provides exceptional care at reasonable cost is by using a model in which medical professionals practice side-by-side rather than in separate and — frequently — competitive departments.

President Barack Obama gave kudos to the Cleveland Clinic for its success. “Without a serious, sustained effort to reduce the growth rate of health care costs, affordable healthcare coverage will remain out of reach.  So we must attack the root causes of the inflation in healthcare.  That means promoting the best practices, not simply the most expensive.  We should ask why places like the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and other institutions can offer the highest quality care at costs well below the national norm.  We need to learn from their successes and replicate those best practices.  That’s how we can achieve reform that preserves and strengthens what’s best about our healthcare system, while fixing what is broken.”

As part of its road to excellence, the Clinic also promotes employee wellness.  It doesn’t hire smokers; it sponsors a farmers’ market at its main campus, stocks its cafeterias with healthy foods and conducts yoga classes for patients and employees.

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