Will Martha Coakley Sit in Ted Kennedy’s Old Senate Seat?

Kennedy family goes to bat for Democratic Senatorial candidate Martha Coakley.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will elect a new senator on Tuesday, January 19, to replace  the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA).  If the Kennedy family has their way, the winning candidate will be Martha Coakley, who is currently the Bay State’s Attorney General.  Coakley, if she wins the election in this heavily Democratic state, plans to continue the legacy of the late Senator Kennedy in assuring that meaningful healthcare reform legislation is passed this year.

At a rally attended by members of the Kennedy family – including Vicki Reggie Kennedy – Coakley said “The choice is very simple.  With your help and your vote on January 19, we can make Senator Kennedy’s vision of affordable, quality healthcare for all Americans a reality.”  Coakley is a strong supporter of healthcare reform legislation, which Ted Kennedy called “the cause of my life”.  The other candidates on the ballot – including Republican Scott Brown – have said they would vote against the bills currently pending in Congress.

According to Kennedy, Coakley would continue the “world-class” representation provided by her late husband. “We can’t take this election for granted. Our enemy is complacency,” said Vicki Kennedy.  “As Ted would say, ‘January 19 is the date, Martha Coakley is the candidate.’ “

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