With Healthcare Reform Passage, Rush Limbaugh Will Head to Costa Rica for Medical Treatment

Conservative Rush Limbaugh will go to socialized medicine paradise Costa Rica when healthcare reform becomes law.  Now that Congress has passed healthcare reform legislation, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh might start heading to Costa Rica for medical treatment.  The irony is that the Central American nation for years has had a socialized healthcare system.  All citizens of Costa Rica – even foreign residents – must pay into the government-run healthcare system, whether or not they use it.

Limbaugh’s choice reflects the fact that Costa Rica is an excellent destination for medical tourism, with a life expectancy that exceeds that of the United States.  The World Health Organization ranks Costa Rica at # 36 in terms of the quality of healthcare provided, while the United States ranks # 37 – despite the fact that Costa Ricans spend 87 percent less per capita on healthcare.  The free coverage applies to 86.8 percent of the population.  Cheaper labor costs and fewer lawsuits for malpractice help to control prices.

“People travel to Costa Rica (and) receive the same quality of medical services for a fraction of the cost,” said Jorge Cortes, president of the Council for International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine and medical director of Hospital Biblica, a private and internationally accredited hospital.  “When people see they can get the same surgery for three or four times less, they decide to get medical care abroad.”  The price differences are stunning.  A knee replacement that might cost $45,000 in the United States would cost $11,000 in Costa Rica.

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