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American College of Physicians Comes Out in Favor of Reform

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Without healthcare reform, healthcare spending could reach 25 percent of GDP in just 15 years.  The American College of Physicians (ACP) is urging Congress and the Obama administration to move ahead and pass healthcare reform legislation.  ACP, whose membership includes 129,000 internists, internal medicine subspecialists, medical students, residents and fellows, offers this advice:  “Don’t start over.”

“Let’s take the bills passed by the House and Senate and make them even better,” urges Bob Doherty, the ACP’s senior vice president of government affairs and public policy.  “We shouldn’t toss them out and start from scratch.”  An ACP report warns of the costs of failure to pass healthcare reform, quoting Congressional Budget Office projections that healthcare spending will climb to 25 percent of GDP by 2025.  Similarly, the Census Bureau has warned that the number of the uninsured will soar to 60 million Americans by 2020 if reform does not occur.

ACP President Joseph Stubbs notes that “A highly partisan and polarized debate over healthcare reform legislation has regrettably taken the country’s ‘eye off the ball’ from the urgency of implementing reforms.”  The ACP advocates building on existing legislation to reach ultimate agreement on a bill and create bipartisan proposals to cut the costs of the medical liability tort system with the goal of increasing the number of primary-care physicians.