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John Dingell A Little-Known Healthcare Reform Advocate

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Congressman John Dingell is a pioneer of healthcare reform legislation.  Representative John Dingell Jr.’s (D-MI) journey to making healthcare reform a reality dates back to 1932 when his father — John Dingell Sr., an architect of the New Deal — initially introduced Medicare legislation in the early days of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency.  The 83-year-old Dingell Jr., is one of the lead sponsors of the House legislation that will be reconciled with the Senate bill in conference committee.

Dingell, who is the longest-ever serving member of the House of Representatives, has introduced a national health insurance bill on the first day of every Congressional session as a tribute to his father.  After John Dingell, Sr. died in 1955, his son assumed his father’s Congressional seat and the quest to make national health insurance a reality.

Commenting on the Senate’s recent passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Dingell said that “I commend my colleagues in the Senate on achieving this historic milestone.   The journey is long, but the reward will be great. Unlike any other time in our history, we have two strong pieces of comprehensive health reform legislation that promise to deliver much needed access and relief to the American people.  When President Obama signs a final, combined bill, we will be well on our way to fulfilling our longstanding moral obligation — providing quality, affordable coverage for every American.  However, as is usually the case with any major overhaul, this is the first step in the process, not the last.”